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Bismillahi'r - Rahmani'r- Rahim


Bagheban Conference
Moscow - St Petersburg - 5-6 Oct 2003

IP-IUT-Al Rashidun - The New Peaceful Order

From the Bagheban's speech on new security measures during his opening address to the Moscow Bagheban Leadership: **

"Bismihi Ta'ala"

"Dear Bagheban-e Islam, Leaders of the Islamic- Universal Transformation, Rashidun, As salaamu aleiqum, Marhaba - Welcome to Moscow , St. Petersburg, Berlin and Tashkent ! Best wishes and greetings to all: from Tokyo to Cairo, Istanbul and Granada, from London and Paris to Los Angeles and Honolulu, who join us to-nite by video conference - Shukran Jazilan ! - From the bottom of my heart ! - Shukran !"

We have the Right to voice our Peace Message and to persue our Mission of Peace and Transformation, Compassion and Mercy amongst Muslims and Non-Muslims alike as strong contributors to IslamPeace and WorldPeace at the same time - without fear and threat by those who oppose our views of an Enlightened Islam - we all thus proudly bear the title " Al Rashidun " The Rightly Guided, in ancient times, the title of the first four Caliphs, today the title of the Enlightened Islam - the Islamic- Universal Transformation -IP-IUT. This guidance comes from above, not by man, to this we testify with all our beings, here to-nite during the special Bagheban meeting, marking the 6th anniversary of " Ba'ham-Ma'aan-Al Quds - Al Rashidun - Islamic-Universal Voice of Peace " in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in Tashkent and Berlin , and by video conference to all our locations from Al Fajr in the Far East to Al Eisha in the Far West, around the globe, in the four corners of this planet.

This work must go forward and is going forward boldly and without hesitation - The Rightly Guided shall increase in numbers and shall be a blessing to themselves and their fellow man. The Rightly Guided Muslim / Muslima is at Peace and carries the true message of Islam and his /her da'awa like a lofty beacon before him/her . Khilafah is within us, in our hearts and beings, and we have no desire and energy to waste to seek the actual Muslim world dominion, when we already are filled with this energy to overflow, to freely share in love and brotherhood with all mankind, not by secret agendas, not by force and misguided schemes, not by dominion, but as equal members of the civilized world, contributing our share of peace and welfare.

During our meetings we have decided to increase our security measures, and maintain a state of high alertness, in view of the developments around us. We must protect our members, our mission against those who harbor ill-intent and carry harm and hatred in their hearts against this work, those who wish Jihad against the world, those who should engage in inner cleansing of a personal jihad, like all of us, for the betterment of our own souls for the day of judgement, instead of blaming everybody else except themselves.

We do not harbor hatred, but love and hope for a better morrow - yet we must not be stopped in our efforts and mission. It is for this very reason, and for this reason alone that we invest so heavly in security, to safeguard the mission and to ensure its survival and success. - We are truly blessed and greatful for the men and women in this important work

Jazakum Allahou khayran - khayran Wa salaaamu aleiqum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatou :

Khalil Abdullah Al Rashid, Al Andalusi, " The Bagheban - Al Assad Al Musaalim

Moscow - Russian Federation - 9th Shaaban 1424 H. - 5th Oct 2003


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IP-IUT - ATA'I-ASHA'A - Al Rashidun ** The Rightly Guided of the Enlightened Islamic-Universal Transformation *** Bagheban Conf. Moscow - St Petersburg - 5-6 Oct 2003
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